Hibernating Bears Counting Activity

Toddlers and preschoolers will love these bear counting mats, perfect for a Winter or hibernation theme! They will identify the numeral shown on each card and then use bear counters to show the number on the bear cave mat demonstrating their counting skills. You can also alternatively use playdough or pom poms with these mats. Number sense should be fun and easy to teach! 

FREE printable counting and colors activity for toddlers and preschool kids to use with rainbow counting bears! This is a great hands-on activity to practice math skills and color recognition. Perfect for a hibernation or Winter theme as well.
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To prepare:

Bear counters
Pom poms or playdough (optional)

Print as many mats and cards as you need for the number of groups in your class – I like to have a set of cards for each group of 4 or 5 kids. This way, they can work on the set comfortably. Print and laminate the cards. Cut and place these at a math center along with bear counters ready for play. 

Counting Bears in Caves Activity Cards

Use these bear counting cards to help kids develop counting and color recognition skills. Show the students the numeral on each ‘card’ along with the bear pictures. Have them count the number of bears then show them how to place bear counters on the bear cave mat. Be sure to place the same colored bears as the ones on the card.

There is plenty of room for differentiation with this activity, so you could definitely use it with toddlers, preschool as well as kindergarten kids. 

If you don’t have bear counters, feel free to use playdough and have the kids rolling bear ‘dough’ onto the bear cave mat. The kids will love working with bear counters though.

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