Secret CVC Words

Kindergarten kids will LOVE this CVC center! They will pretend to be secret spies or detectives to decode the secret words, then find the matching short vowel pictures. These are practically print-and-go activities. 

FREE printable Secret Spy CVC word activity for kindergarten kids to decode words and practice reading. Fun and motivating literacy activity!

To prepare:

Print as many mats and matching picture cards as you need for the number of small groups in your class (colour and blacklines included). Laminate if you wish. You could also print these and have the kids write the letters using dry erase markers on the mats.

Secret CVC Words - Read, Find and Cover

Use these 
learning mats to help kids learn to read and identify CVC words and short vowel words. We know that with learning, repetition and practice is key. Kids will be motivated to find and work out the ‘secret code’ to identify and build their CVC words short vowel sounds.

After you’ve printed and laminated the cards and the mats, place the mats on the table and show the kids what they need to do. They start by using the letter code guide to work out each letter sound, then write each word on the mat. They then choose a short vowel sound picture card and match that to the corresponding word. 

Encourage the kids to pronounce the CVC words as they build them. An added activity to this would be to have the kids actually writing down the words that they built in their books. This is a great way to practice building short CVC sounds. You could also create a group competition doing this!

CVC words can be difficult for kindergarten kids. Encourage them to work on their reading and beginning sound skills with this set of CVC secret word mats.

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