St. Patrick's Day - Patterns

Practice math skills with these St. Patrick's Day themed pattern mats featuring the following patterns: AB and ABB. They will identify the pattern on each row and then cut and paste the image that comes next. These are essential preschool skills. The cards can be cut up in strips and laminated to make simple strips and a booklet or they can be used as worksheets or laminated mats.

FREE printable math activity for preschool and kindergarten kids to practice patterns with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

To prepare:

Print as many pattern mats as you need for the number of groups in your class. If you are using these in a center, it’s a great idea if you have an extra set just in case you want another group to get started on the cards. There are 12 strips in total.  They are also available in black and white.

Making Patterns St. Patrick’s Day Theme

This free pattern activity will help your kids begin to identify simple patterns. Identifying patterns in preschool is essential for developing important critical thinking skills. These pattern mats include AB, and ABB patterns with familiar St. Patrick’s Day images that kids can identify or even learn through this activity. Demonstrate completing one mat to show the kids what they need to do, then have them try to do it by themselves.

You can definitely differentiate this activity. Each group of kids can work on a mat or you can have all 3 or 4 groups working on one at a time. Want to differentiate the activity to work on one pattern at a time? Cut up the strips and laminate them, hole punch the sides and place them in a ring clip. Have the kids complete the pattern as they look at one pattern strip at a time.

You could also have younger kids working on the AB pattern whereas more advanced learners can do the ABB pattern strips.

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