Reading Log Punch Cards

Do you have young readers that need a little extra encouragement to read more often? These Reading Log Punch Cards are perfect for that since kids will love to punch their own reading logs as they go! Read and punch, read and punch... 

FREE printable reading logs where kids can use a hole puncher to keep track of books. Great way to encourage and motivate young readers!

We all know how important reading practice is for early readers. Whether they are reading on their own, do paired reading with an adult/sibling, or simply follow along while an adult is reading. Practice their reading skills at home or reading at school. What is that saying? Practice makes perfect! Reading at school AND reading at home is super important, and reading daily is a good idea.

How to prepare and use the reading logs:

Simple print the reading logs that you would like to use. You can, of course, print as many as needed. After reading a book or chapter, let the child punch a circle using a punching tool. (There are 10 circles on each reading log, thus 10x books or chapters.)

After completing a reading log- punching all the holes, there can be an incentive for the child too. Whether it is to go for ice cream, have a movie night at home, have a friend over for a playdate, or any other special treat that will encourage your child even more.

Reading logs are not just a fun thing to do, it teaches kids to be diligent in practicing their reading too. And these reading log punch card sets are just so cute! And it is free too! Why not print a few to get your child to start or continue, reading at home or in class!

Have fun reading and punching with our adorable reading log punch cards! Read and punch, read and punch...

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