Superhero CVC Words: Read it, Build it, Write it

Your little superheroes will enjoy practicing reading, building and writing CVC words with this fun(and free!) superhero CVC words activity!
FREE printable superhero-themed literacy activity perfect for kindergarten kids to practice reading, writing and building words.

Young students need lots of practice with word building. The more they see a word, the better is the chances of remembering it when coming across it in a book. Practice makes perfect, right? These superheroes will motivate even your most unwilling student to read, build and write CVC words!

How to prepare this activity:

Print the spelling mat and the word cards. (Laminate or use a dry-erase pocket to make it last longer.) Cut out the word cards and provide a dry-erase marker and movable letters. We used lacing letters here, but any type of letters can be used for word building. You can even make your own using rocks or bottle tops. Write letters on it with a marker or print letters and glue it on. Seal it with Modge Podge or spray it with varnish.

How to use the printables:

Firstly, pick a word card. Place it on the spelling mat where it says "Read It". Read the word. Then find the letters to build the word and place it in the "Build It" section. Lastly, write the word in the "Write It" section.

Check that it is all correct by reading all 3 words again. This is the fourth time of repetition and it helps them to memorize the word. Remember: the more a child sees a word(visual imprints are made in the brain), the better chance for remembering it will be. Children do not even realize that they are repeatedly seeing the same word, thus this way of learning is not a rote activity but engaging them and making learning fun.

Your little superheroes will have fun learning with this Superhero CVC words printable activity! Grab your free set now!

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