Christmas Tree Counting

Only a few more weeks until Christmas. Who is excited about Christmas learning? Yes, we are! There are so many fun Christmas learning activities around and here is another. Practice those number recognition, counting and fine motor skills with this fun (and free) Christmas tree counting activity.

FREE printable Christmas tree counting and fine motor activity for toddlers and preschool kids. Use pom poms or other small objects.

Young children learn to recognize numbers early in their lives. They count while playing without even knowing it, and fine motor skills are developed through everyday activities. Although all these things happen almost automatically, it is a good idea to set up intentional activities to give them a chance to practice. These activities should be hands-on and engaging to encourage participation. That is why this printable Christmas tree counting activity is perfect! It ticks all the boxes! 

How to prepare the activity: 

Print out the free Christmas Tree page and number cards. Laminate it if you wish to make it more durable. Provide pompoms(playdough balls or buttons/beads can also be used) and plastic tweezers/tongs. 

How to use the activity: 

Simply pick a number card, and place that number of pompoms on the tree to "decorate" it. This seems simple, but in fact, a child needs to recognize the number on the card, count out the pompoms and use fine motor skills to place the pompoms on the tree. 

The names of the numbers are also added to the cards so that children can start connecting the written name to the numeral during this activity. 

Extension Ideas: 

Pick two cards at a time and add those together on the tree, like a sum. 2 + 4 = ? 6! Write the sums on paper and add the answers.
When doing subtraction sums, be sure to pick a large number first, add that number of pompoms to the tree. Then choose a smaller number and take away those pompoms to find the answer.
Try to find two numbers that will get you to 10(bonds of 10 practice).

Play a game with a friend or sibling: each player has a tree page and the number cards are shared. Give each player 10(or more) pompoms. Take turns to pick a card and place that number of pompoms on your tree. The player that uses all their pompoms first, wins! 

Such a fun Christmas tree counting activity your kiddos will surely enjoy. Grab your free copy now!

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