Winter Counting Puzzles

Winter is here! Do you feel it in the air? Get learning with these fun(and free!) Winter counting puzzles, perfect for young children starting to understand the concepts of numbers and counting!

FREE printable Winter themed puzzles for preschool kids to practice counting and number recognition.

Mittens and hats, snowmen, snowflakes and snowballs, scarfs and boots, penguins and hot chocolate- all Winter-themed items you will find on these cute counting puzzles. The counting puzzles are from 1 to 10 and great fun for the little ones to not only to practice counting, but to recognize numerals and "reading" it too. 

How to Prepare the Puzzles: 

Simply print, laminate(if you wish for it to be durable, and cut the puzzles! So easy! Let the counting begin! 

How to use the Puzzles: 

Pick a puzzle piece with a number. Then find the piece that fits by counting the pictures. This can be done in order(from 1 to 10) or at random. If a child is playing independently, it most probably will be at random, which is perfectly fine. 

If you want to be intentional with the learning, go in order. That way children can see the progression from fewer pictures to many pictures, strengthening that concept too! Ask questions to expand mathematical vocabulary: "Which puzzle has the most/least pictures?", "Are the mittens more than the snowflakes, or less?" etc. 

You can also make the puzzles self-correcting by making an identical small mark(eg. colored dots) at the back of the puzzles that fit together. This way the child can check if the puzzles are correct. 

TIP: Extend and reuse the counting puzzles by using pompoms (or Winter-themed mini erasers, if you have it). Count out the number of pictures and place the pompoms on the pictures to practice one-on-one correspondence. 

These free Winter counting puzzles make counting fun for little ones! Grab your set now!  

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