Puppy Love - Addition Clip Cards

Young dog lovers will have a blast practicing addition with these puppy themed cards, perfect for Valentine's Day but can be done any time of the year.

FREE Puppy themed addition cards for kindergarten kids. Perfect for a Valentine's Day math activity! Can be used with clips or clothes pins.

Clip cards are a great way to practice basic addition or subtraction facts. There’s an added mystery element to them that make them fun and interactive for kids who are developing their number and addition skills. You can also make these cards self-correcting cards by placing a colored dot sticker at the back so they can clip and check. They are so much fun! 

To prepare:

Print as many cards as you will need for your group of students. Preferably print on cardstock, or laminate and cut them up. There are 36 cards in the set. You can totally differentiate the cards according to the students’ abilities. Keep the addition to five or ten in one set and use them accordingly. 

Puppy Love Addition Clip Cards

Clip cards make a fun math activity and a great way to start working on addition skills. The cards have the equation at the top and then three number choices at the bottom. There are four cards per page to make it easier on printing and setting up. The theme ‘puppy love’ will be a hit with your students. Start by getting the kids to work on one card at a time. These can also be differentiated and includes an empty set.

I like placing dot stickers at the back of each card for an easy self-correcting task. I find that sometimes, the kids will look for the stickers at the back though so make sure that they don’t particularly know this until they’ve clipped all their cards. 😉

With these cards, you can totally use manipulatives like math unifix cubes or counters to have the kids show their numbers at the top with each card as they clip. Get the kids to have each number in the equation in a certain color. This definitely helps the kids visualise the equation in their minds as they work out their answer. 

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  1. I love these cards, they are amazing. However I cant seem to find subtraction clip cards

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