Spring Garden Graphing for Preschool and Kindergarten

Spring is on its way, don't despair! Start learning with Spring-themed activities to get the kids in the mood for Spring- and for learning of course! Use these FREE Spring garden Graphing printables to learn a variety of mathematical concepts in a fun way!

FREE printable Spring themed graphing activity for preschool and kindergarten kids to practice math skills!

Do you use graphs as part of your learning? Graphs are beneficial to learning so many concepts including counting, number recognition, comparing quantities, sorting and analizing objects. Graphs are visual and thus help a young child to grasp these concepts more easily.

How to Prepare this Activity:

Print the pages that you want to use. There is a simpler page that goes up to number 5, and then there is the page that goes up to number 8. I would suggest using the simpler page if it is the first time introducing graphs.

How to Use the Printables:

Explain graphing as a similar activity to an I-spy activity, but this time you have to color a block each time you see it.

For example, find a butterfly, circle it so that you know you already found it. Then find the small butterfly picture on the graph to see which block to color. Color one block above the butterfly picture each time you spot a butterfly at the top.

Move on to the next small picture in the graph, the flower, and do the same. Spot all the pictures and color a block each time to keep track of the number of picture you have spotted.

Note: you do not have to work systematically from left to right on the graph, but, it does help a child to feel more in control to zoom in on one specific picture at a time. This way he/she is not all over the place- overwhelmed visually.

After completing the graph, ask questions to expand mathematical vocabulary, like "Which picture has the most/least, blocks colored?", "How many worms did you see?", "Were there more/less bees or butterflies?". The answers will come from referring back to the graph and not the pictures above, and that is exactly the reason for graphing- a quick glance to infer!

What a fun way to learn about graphing this Spring! Grab your free sets of Spring Garden Graphing now!

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