Flowers ABC Order Sequencing

The alphabetical order skill, or alphabetizing, is simply knowing the letters of the alphabet in order from A - Z. This literacy skill might sound unimportant in modern days, but it is still relevant. A fun way to teach alphabetical order is with the Alphabet Song. Use the alphabet song to find the missing letters in this printable flowers alphabetical order activity!

FREE alphabet ordering activity for preschool kids who are learning their ABCs. Fun hands-on literacy activity, perfect for Spring or any time!

We use alphabetical order in every day life. Think about finding a number or a song on your phone. Or organizing files on your computer. This skill is definitely still relevant today. Teach it today with our flowers alphabetical order activity and the alphabet song!

How to prepare this activity:

Simply print our free flowers alphabetical sheets at the bottom of this post. Laminate the sheets if you want it to be reusable. Provide upper/lower case letters. We used the craft foam kind here. Or simply write the missing letters with a dry-erase marker. Cut the cards and you are ready to start the fun learning!

How to use the cards:

There are lower case and upper case missing letter cards, plus cards that have the full alphabet. If your child is not yet proficient in recognising the missing letters, start with the cards that have no missing letters and sing the alphabet song while pointing at the correct letters.

Then move onto finding the missing letters. Decide if you want to only use lower case or upper case or a combination of both. (This will depend on which format your child is proficient in.)

Missing letters at the beginning of a card is more difficult to find. But, even if you have to sing the alphabet song over and over, your child will get it right!

You can also practice matching upper and lower case letters to each other using the full letter cards. See image below:

Practice letter recognition and alphabetical order(alphabtizing) with our pretty flower letter cards!

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