Back to School Pre-Writing Tracing Strips

These school-themed tracing strips are perfect for incoming preschool or kindergarten students to practice fine motor and pre-writing skills. They will use a dry erase marker to trace the lines to help the kids get to the school bus.

FREE pre-writing tracing strips with a school theme, perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids to practice fine motor skills.

To prepare:

Print as many sets as you need for the number of groups in your class. Laminate (optional) for durability and cut the pages in strips, or you can leave them intact for easier tracing. 

Preschool & Kindergarten Back to School Tracing Strips

Preschool and kindergarten kids will love to practice their fine motor and pre-writing skills with these tracing strips. Laminate and store them in your fine motor centers for a quick and easy to use activity. You can also hole punch in the corner and use a metal ring to hold the strips together.

Have the kids use a dry erase marker to trace each line to help each kid get to the school bus. This can be a great Back to School themed activity but can be done year-round as well. 

Click HERE to Download your FREE Back to School Tracing Strips!

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