"Ten on the Sled" Book Activity - Initial Sound/Alliteration Match

A fun, winter-themed book activity with a FREE printable for kids to practice beginning/initial letter sounds from the book "Ten on the Sled"!

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FREE printable book activity for Ten on the Sled to practice letter sounds skills for preschool and kindergarten kids. Great winter literacy activity!
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If you've not read Ten on the Sled with your little one, it is definitely a worthwhile book to check out, or even buy, during the cold winter months that lay ahead. 

A favorite in our household, Ten on the Sled has so many embedded skills - like subtraction and sequencing, that it's also an easy way to work on preschool concepts while engaging in rich literature.

As you read the book, you'll notice a familiar rhythm of events set to the tune (if you care to sing) of Ten in a Bed. As one character falls out, there is an alliteration with the type of animal the character is (i.e. "Seal) and how it falls off the sled (spilled). You can capitalize on this repeated initial sound if you're in the process of teaching your little learner letter sounds while pairing it with this Initial Letter Sound/Alliteration printable!

In our household, before we even started formally teaching letter sounds, my little one had access to LeapFrog's Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set. Ours has been well used, especially during my daughter's toddler years. This provided her with a little bit of background knowledge of letter sounds as she entered the preschool stage (in addition to frequent exposure to print and tracking along with text while I read to her). Once she'd been solidly established with those skills, we moved onto working on listening for and producing rhymes and segmenting words - and this happened fairly quickly for her when she was three. Now that she's four, we have been saying the letter and corresponding letter sound as we work our way through the alphabet and then talking about initial letter sounds while reading or just in conversation. Enter; your free Ten on a Sled Letter Sound printable.

After you've finished reading, your tot can match the character to the action word on the sled; with your help of reading the words, of course. To assist your child, accentuate the initial character and action sound. Offer your child two choices of actions to one character, one being the correct choice. Add action cards as they become more successful with this skill.

Take this printable to the next level and talk about nouns and verbs. Have your child recreate the action to develop their understanding of verbs. Later, you can have them sort these words into two piles; one for nouns and the other for verbs.

This versatile activity is sure to be a well loved source of engagement for both children at home and in a classroom setting!

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  1. I love your materials! I found the Ten on The Sled initial sounds activity, but can't seem to find the sequencing and subtraction activities? Help? I co-operate a preschool and am building literature connected activities. Thanks!