Goldfish Crackers Math & Literacy Pack

I've always believed that early childhood learning should be fun, playful and extremely effortless. That's why I created this Goldfish Pack with 20 hands-on math and literacy activities for kids who love goldfish crackers!

Spending 5-10 minutes each day during snack time with these activities will teach and reinforce many early learning concepts. Great for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners!
Math & Literacy pack for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners to be used with goldfish crackers. Includes counting, number recognition, alphabet tracing, letter recognition, sight words, patterns, shapes, colors and more!
This Goldfish Pack includes 20 hands-on Math & Literacy activities specifically designed to be used with goldfish crackers. There are over 50 pages in this pack, and there is NO-PREP required - just print & play!


1. Counting 1-5
2. Counting 1-10
3. Number Tracing & Ten Frames 1-10
4. Number Recognition 1-20
5. Patterns
6. Shape Tracing
7. Shape Recognition
8. Simple Addition
9. Measurement
10. Graphing by Color
11. Color Matching
12. Color Sorting


13. Alphabet Tracing (upper case)
14. Alphabet Tracing (lower case)
15. Alphabet Recognition (upper case)
16. Alphabet Recognition (lower case)
17. Beginning Letter Sounds
18. Letter Case Matching
19. Fishing for Sight Words
20. Color Word Recognition


Additional Notes:
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  • I recommend that you laminate the sheets or put them in sheet protectors in order to reuse them.
  • As with all of my printables, please make sure to select the printing option "Scale to Fit" or "Fit to Page" so that nothing gets cut off.
  • Most activities can be printed in black & white, with the exception of the color activities. (there are 5 of them)
  • The color activities require the use of rainbow colored goldfish crackers, called Goldfish Colors.
  • 6 of these activities can be found on this website for free. I created 14 additional activities in order to create a complete early learning pack for children ages 2-6.


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  1. I think it would be great if , say, only 6 goldfish were used on the six, 4 on four...