Pre-Writing Activity Pack for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-4 featuring fun tracing worksheets to help develop prewriting skills.

21 fun tracing worksheets for toddlers ages 2-4!
These activities will help toddlers develop pencil control to promote writing readiness. Starting with horizontal and vertical lines, and progressing to more challenging zig zags, curves, mazes and circles.
  • fun, colorful pages that will keep toddlers engaged
  • promotes writing readiness
  • improves pencil control & fine motor skills
  • helps develop concentration
For best results, laminate the pages to create reusable mats that can be wiped off and traced again and again!

Here are some examples of the activities included:

.....and more!



  1. Hi Totschooling,
    I have just downloaded the free Butterfly Alphabet, thank you so much it looks fantastic.
    I do Family Day Care and I know my kids will love it.

  2. Thanks for creating all these! It almost makes "homeschooling" my preschooler fun!