Cookie Jar Number Matching Free Printable

My kids love cookies, and I imagine most kids do as well. So I created this cookie themed number matching free printable to help them practice counting and number recognition without all the sugar!

FREE printable counting game for preschoolers. Count the chocolate chips on the cookies and match them to the number in the cookie jar.
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This Cookie Jar Number Matching activity includes numbers 1-10 and comes in two levels of difficulty. One jar shows numbers and another jar shows number words for children learning to read.

FREE counting & number matching game with chocolate chip cookies. Includes two levels of difficulty - match the cookies to the number or to the word!

Children can count the chocolate chips on each cookie and match it to the correct number or word. This can be done as a file folder game or a cut & paste activity. My favorite way is to laminate this activity and use transparent Velcro dots to stick the cookies. Since there are 2 pages, you can laminate them back-to-back for a double-sided activity.

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  1. Oh my Viviana! You have the cutest downloads! My two year olds are going to love these printables and games. I'm going to make a file folder game out of Five Little Pumpkins so they can use it over and over. It's their favorite rhyme. They ask for it even when it's not near Halloween! The name puzzles are perfect for recognition and practice. Thank you many times over!

    1. Hi Ali, You're very welcome! I hope your kids enjoy the activities!

  2. Great activity!!! I want cookie printables with no. 1 to 10 as a resource for my service. I can't find it on Internet.

  3. Thank you,, for sharing your free Cookie Number Matching printables. Number matching is so much fun with our laminated cookies and two sided cookie jar.

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  5. Thank you for sharing and all your work!

  6. Thanks for sharing this activity.

  7. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for this free resource. Much appreciated!!

  8. Hello, How Can I download this activities, There's a lot of buttons and I don't want to download wrong programs. Thank you

  9. Yes, it is very difficult to figure out how to download the activity.