Kitchen Tools Vocabulary & Sorting Cards

Preschool kids will love learning about the different kitchen and cooking tools. These FREE printables include matching and sorting activities that help with language and vocabulary skills as well as fine motor!

FREE printable Kitchen tools cards for sorting, matching and learning about cooking and preparing food.

If you asked me what my son's favorite TV show is, I would probably say America's Test Kitchen! It makes sense that the son of a bread baker and a former nutrition major would love food as well.

About this time last year I was proud to make a free bread cutting printable pack for Totschooling that we used in our own week of bread preschool trays! Another favorite food-based theme we had in our homeschool was our healthy foods preschool trays. And my simple idea for DIY play food recipe cards remains popular!

This time, though, we wanted to take a closer look at some of those things that help us cook food, chop food, eat food and more: Kitchen Tools! So today we present a free printable set of kitchen tools vocabulary cards, plus a few quick pages to print for a sorting activity utilizing the cards.

Printable Kitchen Tools Vocabulary Cards

FREE printable Kitchen tools cards for sorting, matching and learning about cooking and preparing food.

We used these kitchen tools vocabulary cards in a few different ways, and we hope you do too!

Print out the cards, preferably in color, on paper of your choosing. We trimmed them down but chose not to laminate them.

1) The most natural way to learn with these kitchen tools vocabulary cards would be as Montessori-three part cards. Match the image and name to the card with both!

2) The last three pages of the free kitchen tools vocabulary cards printable are for sorting items based on whether they are used for cutting, cooking, or eating food. Use any of the cards for sorting, with the word only of course being the most challenging! 

(I enjoyed this activity because of the debate it caused. Why isn't there a page that says "holding food?" Isn't that where a cutting board should go? So I went ahead and wrote "and Holding" on the Cooking page, though my intent was for the cutting board to go on the Cutting page.) 

3) Our favorite way to use these cards, though, was to match them up with real tools from the kitchen! Ahead of time I collected the tools (from our kitchen and his!) all in a basket and he matched up the tools and cards on the floor. Another way would be to have the child find the matching tools themselves in the kitchen!

I should also mention there are some cards for sharp items like knives and a grater. Please use your discretion to what is appropriate for you and your child. 

We hope you find more ways than one to use these kitchen tools vocabulary cards!

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