CVC Word Puzzles: Pig Themed

Learning to read is an exciting time in a child’s development. Kids need plenty of practice in segmenting and reading CVC words. The more activities and opportunities we give them, the more they are able to segment and join their letter sounds. These fun pig themed CVC puzzles are a great set to add to your farm unit if your kids are ready for some fun CVC activities!

FREE CVC word puzzles for kindergarten kids learning to read CVC words. Features a pig theme that is perfect for a farm unit.
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To prepare

Preparing these puzzles are simple, here’s what you’ll need:
Print and laminate as many sets as you need, and if you’re using it for a class have a few sets ready for some independent stations and groups.

CVC Pig Themed Puzzles

Depending on the needs of your class, you may decide to work on two vowels at a time or all five. The puzzles include the short vowel sounds (a, i, e, u, and o).

In the group I was working on some of my kids weren’t ready to tackle the vowel sounds ‘u’ and ‘o’ and they are learning English as a second language so I only gave them the a, i, and e short vowel sound puzzles.

First we placed the beginning letter sounds in one basket, the short vowel sound and the ending sound in two separate baskets. You can place them in little piles if you don’t have baskets. The kids then began by choosing a beginning sound and a middle sound then finally an ending sound. They would see if the word makes sense once they sound it out and if it does they leave it on the side and made another. I got them to read their words several times before moving on to the next word. I watched them do this and checked their words as they built them!

At the end, I got the kids to write their CVC words in their books.

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