Dinosaur Alphabet Clip Cards

My boys loved dinosaurs when they were younger. We watched movies, read books, and collected plastic dinosaurs for years! When they were older and ready to start school, we incorporated dinosaurs into our homeschool preschool lessons as often as possible.

FREE printable Dinosaur themed clip cards for preschoolers to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Great for preschool alphabet recognition, learning letter cases and fine motor skills!
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Dinosaur Alphabet Clip Cards

This dinosaur-themed alphabet recognition activity is a great addition to your preschool lessons. Little ones will work on a variety of skills with this activity. However, it does take a little prep work to get started.

Supplies Needed

Print each of the pages out and laminate them for durability. Cut each page into four separate cards. To use this activity, have your child identify the uppercase letter on the card. Then, have your child identify each lowercase letter at the bottom of each card. Using a clothespin, have your child identify the matching lowercase letter. If you don't have clothespins, they can use a paperclip or a dry erase marker (if you laminated the card) to identify the lowercase letter.

As your child uses these alphabet clip cards, they will not only work on identifying the letters but also their fine motor skills as they work the clothespin or paper clip onto the cards.

A Tip

Make this a self-correcting activity by putting a small dot or circle sticker on the back of the correct answer. Then, your child can flip the card over and check to see if they clipped the right letter.

Storing the Activity

I like to store these types of activities in a zipper pouch that has three holes in it. Then, I can store them in a 3-ring binder. If you don't have these on hand, you can just store them in a plastic baggie to keep all the cards together.

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