Making 10 Clip Cards

Learning to make ten is an important skill for kids that will help them develop number sense and prepare them for other math concepts such as addition. Pre-K and Kindergarten kids will love using these fun Sun themed Making 10 clip cards. These cards are so versatile and easy to use, just prepare the cards along with the playdough and clothespins and you're ready to go.

FREE printable Making Ten clip cards for preschool and kindergarten kids to practice counting, number recognition and number sense. Fun and easy math activity.
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Making Ten Clip Cards

Children learning their numbers to ten will definitely benefit from this activity. They will first count the number of suns on each card, then add on (on their fingers) how many more numbers to make ten. They clip the number to show this on the card and then they make enough playdough balls and place them on the card. 

Supplies Needed:

To Play
  • Students will be working on their cards in a group. They take one card and count the suns on that card.
  • They then count on to figure out how many more 'suns' they will need to make a total of ten 'suns.'
  • Once they figure out that number, they then clip the correct number shown on the card.
  • Then then make playdough balls on the cards to show how many more suns they need.
  • I usually check their work as I go around the class.
  • This fun activity can be repeated for practice!

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