Number Review Worksheets

These FREE Number Review worksheets are great for kids who have already learned to count and to recognize numbers from 1-10. They feature number tracing, number words and ten frames. Great for kindergarten kids!

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FREE Number printables for kindergarten kids to review numbers 1-10. Tracing and writing numbers and number words, find the number, ten frames and coloring.
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In this set of FREE number review worksheets, kids will trace numbers, write them, find them among other numbers, fill in ten frames, and color the correct amount of pictures. This set is great if you are doing "number of the week" or learning one number at a time.

Materials Needed:
This is an easy, no-prep set of worksheets. Just print and give your students or children a pencil and crayons. You can also use dot markers for the ten frame section, or simply have the child draw circles inside the ten frame.

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  1. These worksheets did not print out as presented in the post. The traceable numbers and words came out in bold, solid, black ink.

    1. Hi Melody, I'm sorry these didn't print out correctly. Did you print straight from google drive? If you download the file first and save it to your computer, then open up the saved file in Adobe Reader, it should download the correct fonts and you'll be able to print the dashed lines. Let me know if that solves the problem.

  2. Hi, are you going to make number worksheets from 11-20?

  3. More information provided to me. Thank you for sharing this great article.

  4. Can you possibly do 11-30? My kids love these.

  5. Hello. I'm having a hard time finding where to download these?

  6. Also interested in numbers 11-20, these are SO great! Our favorite numbers worksheet!

  7. I love these too!!! Really helped my kids. Please make numbers 11-20!!!