Space Nonstandard Measurement Activity

Learning to measure starts with simple measuring activities. Use nonstandard materials to teach the value of measuring, proper measuring techniques, and how measuring can be fun! This adorable space themed nonstandard measuring set is perfect for young kids to learn how to measure!

FREE Space themed Non-standard measurement activity, great for preschool and kindergarten kids learning to measure and use a ruler. Kids can also use the printable rulers to measure their own body parts or other objects around the room. They can use the recording sheet to write down their measurements.

Space Nonstandard Measurement

The first step in learning to measure is not by learning inches or centimeters. We can teach measuring by using feet (our own feet!), arm lengths, or any other material we can use repetitively. I love to start measuring with a theme that is of interest to the kids. We can measure using something fun that will grab their interest!


  • Printer
  • Cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

The rulers are set so you can print off a group of rulers about 10 inches long. Or you can tape them all together to form one long ruler. This will be great for measuring people or large objects.

How to Use the Nonstandard Measuring Set

We started by explaining how to use a ruler. If we are measuring how many Earths long a table is, we have to make sure we line up the ruler from one end to the other. It doesn't help if we start in the middle of the table or if the ruler extends over the edge. So we line up the ruler on the end of each object very carefully each time until they understand the concept.

Next, we counted the Earths (or aliens) until the end. At this step, we focused on counting the exact number and getting as close to the end as possible. Sometimes we included half an Earth or alien or rounded up or down. The focus was on accuracy and making sure not to move the ruler as we counted!

My kids enjoyed measuring themselves the most. Their feet, their legs, their arms, around their head, etc. They also discovered that if they worked together with their rulers, they could measure even larger areas!

Finally, we recorded our findings. This was great for practicing writing our numbers but it was also fun to look back and compare what we had measured. We also used these Space ABC Booklets for writing practice. 

There is a separate recording sheet for measuring the small cards and measuring anything else they want to measure. Just measure, record, and draw a picture!

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