Dinosaurs Initial Blends Printable Activity

There are many steps to being a fluent reader and working on initial blends is a big step. These dinosaur themed initial blends pages are the perfect way to practice reading and writing blends.  

FREE printable Dinosaur Initial Blends activity for kids to practice reading and writing blends with a fun dinosaur theme. Great literacy activity for kindergarten and first grade.
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Materials Needed

These pages are fairly simple so not many materials are needed. But to make them even more fun, you might want to collect these items:

How to Set Up the Dinosaur Initial Blends

There are two different pages in this set to work on reading blends. Both of them can be no-prep, unless you want to cut out the pieces first. Just print them out and you are ready to go! If you want to reuse the 'Find the Blends' page you can laminate that page and use dry erase markers. Sheet protectors will also work!  

Using the Dinosaur Initial Blends Pages

The first blends page is all about reading blends and then writing them down. It can be used multiple times for extra writing and reading practice. Or it can be used just once. There are 3 separate pages featuring 9 different blends. We used them as a hide and seek type page. My kids got even more into it when I brought out magnifying glasses (Because every activity is better with magnifying glasses). The words aren't so small that you need a magnifying glass but it does get the kids more excited!

The second page is about making words with blends. There are 10 words per page and 12 blends to choose from. When we worked on this it was a bit of a puzzle. Some of the blends fit in multiple places but many only have one correct answer. The trick is filling out all of the words. These pages match the first pages. Each covers the same 3 blends and the dinosaurs on each page match.

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