Goldfish Counting Cards

Is your child learning to count objects and recognize numbers up to ten? Are you perhaps learning with an ocean theme? If yes, then this fun fish bowl counting activity is just for you!

FREE printable counting cards featuring fish bowls designed to be used with Goldfish crackers. Great summer or fish themed activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

Learning to count and recognizing numbers are two of the many skills young children learn from a young age. They learn through games, nursery rhymes and activities like these counting cards. The key is to make the learning process fun, and what can be more fun than to have a snack with Goldfish crackers after you practiced your counting skills?


Provide edible Goldfish crackers. Or if you'd rather this activity not to include eating (perhaps it is a group/class activity), you can use mini erasers or buttons shaped like fish. Or simply make fish counters from bottle tops or paper clips. Print and laminate the free printable counting cards to make them re-usable. 


Pick a fish bowl counting card and see if you know the number. Place that number of fish "in" the fish bowl. Fill all the bowls with fish!

Extension of the activity: Ask children questions to develop mathematical vocabulary and concepts. For instance: Which bowl has the most fish? Which bowl has the least fish? If we want the bowls to have the same number of fish, how many do we need to add/take away?

Make learning numbers and counting fun for your young kiddos with fish bowl counting cards and Goldfish crackers!

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Nadia from Teach Me Mommy

Nadia is a South African mommy of two and a therapist at an elementary remedial school. She blogs over at Teach me Mommy about easy and playful activities with the aim to teach. You can follow along on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

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