Sports Pre-Writing Strips

Do you have a young child, or teach young students, that need pre-writing practice? Perhaps he or she loves ball sports, or you have a sports unit/theme coming up? Then these ball sports pre-writing strips are perfect!

FREE printable Sports-theme pre-writing practice for preschool and kindergarten kids. Great fine motor activity and vocabulary learning as well!

Pre-writing is the phase that comes before writing, as the name suggests. Before a child can formally write, the child will need all kinds of intervention to prepare for writing letters. One important activity is following lines, from left to right, the direction in which we write. Pre-writing can be enjoyable with fun strips like these ball sports ones.

The ball sports pre-writing strips are quite fun to use during a sports unit. It not only practices pre-writing skills, but also shows which kind of ball fit with specific sport equipment. For instance, the basketball matches the basketball hoop. A child would focus on the matching of pictures and not realize he/she is practicing writing skills.

You can also use the opportunity to teach your students/children about the different kinds of sports, which sporting equipment is needed and compare the sport types. Language and vocabulary develops through using the correct terminology- a baseball bat vs a hockey stick, a cricket ball vs a hockey puck etc.

Pre-writing practice strips like these are perfect to use in a literacy center- simply write and wipe! It can be used over and over again and would keep a good few years. Simply print the free sheets, laminate and cut into strips. Provide a dry-erase pencil and you have an independent activity for your budding writers!

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