FREE Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Do you have children/students starting to learn the sounds letters make? Such an exciting time for early learners and so many fun activities can be done! Make practicing those sound knowledge (phonics) fun with these FREE beginning sounds clip cards (and work on fine motor skills on the sly too)!

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FREE printable clip cards for Pre-k and Kindergarten kids to practice letter sounds and fine motor skills.

Making learning fun (and attractive too with bright pictures) will ensure a positive learning experience and these beginning clip cards are such fun to use! It is hands-on and so much better than worksheet-based learning.

The more practice children get in hearing sounds, the better they get at identifying the individual sounds. This is the beginning stages of reading- identifying phonemes, and being able to hear those sounds (auditory discrimination, they need this skill to decode words when reading).

Another skill that is developed through this activity is letter recognition. The child not only hears and identifies the sound, he/she also connects the sound to its corresponding letter. There are lower and upper case cards. Use the cards that will work best for your children/students or, mix it up!

How to prepare the clip cards: 

Simply print the free beginning sounds cards (click link at the end of this post). Laminate if you wish. Cut out the individual cards and provide pegs/clothespins. 

How to use the clip cards: 

Look at the picture and say the name of it out loud. What sound do you hear first? Now find the letter that makes that sound and clip the peg onto it. 

Clipping the pegs/clothespins onto the cards work those fine motor skills, but you do not have to use pegs. The child can simply encircle the correct letter with a dry-erase marker or place a counter/mini eraser on the correct letter. 

Practice identifying letters and sounds PLUS work those fine muscles too with these free beginning sounds clip cards! Go print your set now! 

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