Fruit & Veggies Beginning Letter Sounds Activity

Are your kids learning about Fruit and Vegetables at the moment, or are they learning their letter sounds? Add these (free) Fruit and Vegetables beginning letter mats to the lesson plan! It is great to revise beginning sounds, letters, plus fruit and vegetable names!

FREE printable activity for pre-k and kindergarten kids who are learning letter sounds. Also great for a food-theme or fruit & veggie theme!

Recognizing beginning sounds and matching it to their corresponding letters is a great skill to practice over and over with hands-on materials. These fruit and vegetable mats are perfect for this and can be used in a variety of ways too! Read on to find out more... 

How to Prepare the Fruit & Vegetables Beginning Letters Activity: 

Firstly, print the FREE mats with a color printer. Laminate it or use a dry-erase pocket to ensure that it will be durable for longer use. 

You can use letter beads as we did, or you can simply use a dry-erase marker to write the letters. Any other letter manipulative could work too, even playdough can be formed into letters and be used! TIP: Stick the mat onto a baking sheet and use it with your magnetic letters to make a great travel-safe activity! 

How to Play: 

Simply pick a fruit or vegetable from the mat, say the name out loud. What is the first sound you hear? Now find that letter and place it onto the picture(or write it). Make it more fun by doing a "blind pick"- close your eyes and press your finger onto the mat, hoping you do touch a picture! 

Extension Activities: 

  • Name more fruit/vegetables that start with the same letter that is not found on the mats.
  • Make a list of Fruit/Vegetables and try to find one for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Name the fruit/vegetables in alphabetical order.
  • Bilingual activity: say the name of the fruit in a different language.
  • Spell/build the full name of the fruit/vegetables.
  • Which fruit/vegetable is your favorite/least favorite? 

Such a fun fruit and vegetables beginning letter activity! Grab your free printables now! 

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  1. The learning method is good for children! Them will be so much fun to learn a new language this way!