Farm CVC Word Family Games

Learn to read with these fun Farm Word Family Games! Practice CVC words through play.

FREE printable CVC reading games for kindergarten kids featuring a farm theme. Practice word families with these fun games!

There is nothing like watching a child learn to read their first words. It is exciting to watch them connect all the dots. Even better, you know that worlds are basically opening at their finger tips. So we play a lot of games to work on reading skills and improve them. This means a lot of games. My kids are fine with silly or gimmicky games so we tend to gravitate towards those types.    

Farm CVC Word Family Races

There are two different games. One for short a words. The other is for short i, short e, short o, and short u. The Tractor Race game is all about practicing reading short a words! All the animals on the farm want their hay for eating or laying on. The farmer's tractors have to get supplies (hay) to each store. The goal of the game is to see which tractor will pull four hay bales first. This game can be played competitively or cooperatively. For a competitive version, everyone can choose one color tractor that they want to win. To play cooperatively, work together to fill up the tractors with hay. 

There are two sets of cards - one set with just words and the other set with pictures. The words match the pictures so you could also use the cards for matching. You can play with just words, just pictures, or a combination of both. Put the pile of cards upside down and take turns picking up the one on top. Read the word (or identify the picture) and figure out which word family it belongs with. Then place the card in the next spot of that word family. The first tractor full of hay wins! 

Get the Eggs to the Hens Word Family Race

The hens have lost all their eggs and they would like them back! Match the baskets of eggs to the hens by word family. Similar to the tractor game, this can be played cooperatively or competitively. There are also two sets of cards - one with words and one with pictures.

Place the cards upside down then pick up the top one. Read the word or identify the picture and decide which word family it belongs with.  

These two games together cover 8 different word families that covered short a, short e, short i, short, o, and short u. Learn to read with these fun word family games!

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