Mailbox Word Families Kindergarten Activity

I am pretty excited about sharing this mailbox word family activity. I think it turned out really cute. In this activity children will "deliver mail" by matching word endings to their particular family. 

FREE mailbox reading game for kindergarten kids learning about word families and cvc words. Great for pretend play as well as post office or community helper theme.

Each word family has its own easily assembled mailbox (instructions included). There are four words for each family mailbox and 5 mailboxes in all. On each envelope are the sight words "from" and "me", a word to match, and a visual representation of the word. This activity is great for around Kindergarten age. You can find more word family fun with animal crackers here!

Instructions for mailbox set up:
  • Step 1: Cut out each mailbox around the dotted lines. We will be using the solid lines for folding.
  • Step 2: Fold all the solid lines. Join the A tab to the other A to form the dome shape. Tape or glue it together.
  • Step 3: Attach the B, C and D tabs to the inside of the dome to form the back of the mailbox.

Cut out all the different envelopes around the dotted lines. Arrange your mailboxes so the child can see the family names on the side. This way they will know which envelope goes to which mailbox.

Word families included:
  • -ig family (pig, twig, wig, fig)
  • -an family (man, tan, fan, can)
  • -ot family (dot, pot, hot, cot)
  • -og family (log, jog, fog, dog)
  • -at family (cat, bat, mat, hat)

Activity Instructions:

Set out your mailboxes so the kids can read them. Set out your stack of envelopes. Tell the child to deliver the "notes" to the family they belong to.

This activity is a fun and easy way for the child to practice reading simple words and learn about word families. It also has the added benefit of giving them an opportunity to pretend to be a mail person delivering the mail. You could even give them the letters in a small bag and set the mailboxes up at different places in the room for more dramatic play fun.

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