Animal Addition Puzzles

Want to have fun with math? Try these animal addition puzzles with your kids to practice their math skills. No need for worksheets, this activity is a fun way to start adding and won't hinder kids who are writing phobic.

FREE printable math activity to practice addition with an animal theme. Fun hands-on puzzles, perfect for kindergarten kids learning to add!
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My boys would halt at math if they had to worry about writing down the answers. So, for awhile, I'd write their answers for them. These puzzles are perfect as you ease back out of the lazy days of summer. We've spent the summer keeping up our math skills with games and hands-on activities rather than book work.

The animal addition puzzles go up to 10 with 2 puzzles for each number except for 0 and 1. I want my child to see that a number can be made up of different parts so you can use 1+3 or 2+2 to make 4.

Animal Addition Puzzles Supplies

Print out the puzzles onto paper or card stock if you'd like them to be more durable. If you'd like them to last, I suggest you laminate them or cover them in contact paper. Then cut them up along the dotted lines, now they are ready to use. Store these puzzles in ziploc bags to be able to use them again.

To extend this activity, read your favorite animal books and create a craft based on the book. Those are my favorite activities to do. Grab some plastic animals and sort them based on their habitats or diets. Make your own animal sensory bin with rice or beans and throw in their favorite animals. Add some movement to your day and have them imitate their favorite animals to see if you can guess what they are.

My daughter is often seen with her stuffed animals and these puzzles are a perfect way to bring animals into her learning environment.

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