Cars Color Matching & Fine Motor Activity

Vroom, vroom! Young kids will enjoy developing color matching and fine motor skills with this fun CARS printable activity!

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FREE printable car themed activity for preschoolers to practice color recognition and fine motor skills. Makes a great busy bag or quiet time activity.
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Fine motor skills are super important to develop as a young child: it is the small muscles in the fingers/hands that will do the work when writing. Working with tiny objects and tweezers use those muscles and get them ready for holding a pencil/crayon. Color matching involves visual discrimination skills and color knowledge where the child can recognize a color and then match it to the same color on the picture. Visual discrimination is an important skill when it comes to reading different letters and also to do sums (recognizing numbers)!

Preparation and Setup

Print the FREE car printable and laminate it (or slide into a dry-erase sleeve) to ensure it keeps longer. Provide a variety of colorful, small objects (you can keep it to one type of item but I have found that a variety seems more interesting):

        Add tweezers, tongs or a clothespin/peg that can be used to pick up the small items. TIP: To keep the small items from rolling of the surface, add a blanket/soft cloth underneath the setup. This cars activity is perfect for the "finger gym centre", or, add it to a small bag and you have a busy bag activity for when you are on-the-go, during waiting times or quiet time.

        Just note that this activity is not intended for children younger than 4 or those who will explore the small items by mouth (or nose). A fun (and so colorful too!) fine motor and color matching printable activity boys and girls alike will enjoy!

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