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Science & Logic

Sorting Food Groups

Four Seasons Sorting

Sorting Recyclables

Sorting Animal Types

Matching Mother & Baby Animals

Sorting Living vs Nonliving

Matching Animal Halves

Matching Part to Whole

Object Association

Occupation to Vehicle Matching

Rainbow Photo Hunt STEAM Activity

Learning About Animal Prints/Tracks

Bread Science Experiment + Printable

Kitchen Tools Vocabulary & Sorting Cards

Pets & Their Homes Matching

My Body Systems Science Booklet

Hibernation vs. Migration Sorting

Animal X-rays Matching


7 Continents Matching

World Landmarks 3-Part Cards

U.S. Coloring Page with state names

United States Do-a-Dot Sheet

For most of the printables such as the matching, sorting, puzzles, and tracing I recommend that you laminate the mats and the pieces. I also recommend that you use Velcro to attach the pieces to the mat. This gives you an activity that your child can redo over and over again. The exception to this is the art printables such as do-a-dot, coloring and collages.
If you do not have a laminator and are interested in buying one, this is the one I use. And this is the Velcro I use. It can be a lot of work to laminate and cut and Velcro these things but it is well worth it when you have a collection of laminated activities that you can repeat many times and also use with future children.
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