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Counting & Number Quantity 1-10 

Self-Correcting Puzzles with Numbers 1-5

Self-Correcting Puzzles with Numbers 1-10

Number Train 1-10 Puzzle/Wall Decoration

Train Number Quantity Matching 1-5 

Color by Number

Math Game: Feed the Monkey

Watermelon Seed Printables

Counting & Patterns with Pouch Caps or Pom Poms

School Bus Sorting Game

Candy Corn Roll & Cover Math Game

Turkey Feathers Number Matching

Valentine's Day Candy Heart Printables

Heart Puzzles with Numbers

Goldfish Cracker Printables

Ladybug Counting Mat

Orange Tree Counting Activity

Cookie Jar Number Matching

Snowman Buttons Counting Cards

Dr. Seuss Truffula Trees Counting Activity

Jelly Bean Math Printables

Spring Counting Pack

Piggy Bank Coin Recognition

Counting Fuzz Bugs

Sea Shell Counting Cards

Watermelon Math Game

BBQ Shish Kabob Patterns

Robots Shape Matching

Tangram Shape Puzzles

Ten Apples Up On Top: Counting

Color Matching Fruit

Pumpkin Shape Matching

5 Little Pumpkins Printable

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Teeth Number Games

100th Day of School Printables

Telling Time for Preschoolers

Color Sorting Activity

Penguin Color Matching

Snowman Shape Matching


Nursery Rhymes Sequencing

This Little Piggy Sequencing

Alphabet Letter Case 2 Piece Puzzles

Alphabet Letter & Picture Tracing

Harold and the Purple Crayon Prewriting Tracing Pack

Alphabet Sorting Game

Rhyming Sorting Game

Ice Cream Letter Case Matching

Beginning Letter Sounds Matching Cards

Spanish Language 3-Part Cards

Motor Skills Preposition Game

Watermelon Seed Printables

Making Letters with Pouch Caps or Pom Poms

School Bus Sorting Game

Band-Aid Letter Matching Game

Thanksgiving Word & Picture Tracing

Christmas Word & Picture Tracing

Snowman Letter Matching Puzzles

Heart Puzzles with Letters

Upper and Lowercase Letter Sort & Match

Weather Word Tracing

Alphabet Garden

Alphabet Butterfly Puzzles (matching letter cases)

Alphabet Butterfly Puzzles (matching letter sounds)

School Bus Name Puzzle

Make a Pizza: Letter Matching

Very Hungry Caterpillar Word Tracing

Haunted House Letter Sounds Matching

Thanksgiving ABC Puzzle

Gingerbread House Alphabet Matching Game

Alphabet Q-Tip Painting Printables 

Santa's Presents Letter Sounds Matching

Snow Globe Sight Words Activity

Box of Chocolates Alphabet Matching

Dr. Seuss Rhyming Pictures & Words

Rainbow Alphabet Puzzles

Easter Egg Hunt Alphabet Game

Spring Alphabet Puzzle

Name Recognition Flower Garden

Goldfish Alphabet Tracing

CVC Word Puzzle

Alphabet Gumball Machine Dot Marker Pack

Pete the Cat ABC Puzzle

Pokemon GO! Alphabet Game

A is for Apple: Dot Marker Printables

Farm Animals Letter Sounds Matching

Mailbox Alphabet Game

Mittens Rhyming Match Up

Community Helpers Emergent Reader Book

Cookie Jar Letter Sounds Matching

For most of the printables such as the matching, sorting, puzzles, and tracing I recommend that you laminate the mats and the pieces. I also recommend that you use Velcro to attach the pieces to the mat. This gives you an activity that your child can redo over and over again. The exception to this is the art printables such as do-a-dot, coloring and collages.
If you do not have a laminator and are interested in buying one, this is the one I use. And this is the Velcro I use. It can be a lot of work to laminate and cut and Velcro these things but it is well worth it when you have a collection of laminated activities that you can repeat many times and also use with future children.
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